Saturday, August 13 Ramona Park, Portage, MI

The 2016 Kids Get Active Triathlon is next Saturday, August 13. We are just shy of 100 young athletes registered as of this afternoon. The Kids Get Active Triathlon is a totally closed course event within Ramona Park, in Portage, MI. This includes a shallow set swim course in Long Lake at the park waterfront.

Online registration will be open through noon, Thursday, August 11. Same day on site registration is not guaranteed at this point.

Race Primer

Kids Triathlon Basics is posted on the event web site.  Please take a couple minutes and review. This should answer any questions you might have, and maybe open up a couple new ones.  Don't hesitate to let me know about anything you need help with.  Our goal is to help get kids excited about being outdoors and doing things they might not otherwise have the chance to do.  This is a learning experience as much as a race.